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Nov 26, 2012 7:00pm PST
law enabling californians to register online, more than 1 million people registered online across the state for the november 6th election. >>> the u.s. congress returned from its holiday realize today, to look over the so-called fiscal cliff. some existing tax cuts will expire. that could slow the economy or even move it back into recession. up until now, republicans have been unwilling to consider raising taxes, something that democrats say has to change. >> as president eisenhower says, there will have to be compromises and seeking the middle of this rote isn't just acceptable, it's the only way forward. >> most republicans signed a pledge to never raise taxes, but gop law makers say that now they'll have to put that pledge aside for the good of the nation. >>> on wall street, the markets.finished mixed, nasdaq gained nine, apple leading the way up 8%. >>> shareholders. some analysts had suggested that investigators are underestimate's facebook's growth potential from ad revenue. the stock gained 8% today but is still well below its public offering price. six months ago, the com
Nov 23, 2012 7:00pm PST
to be changed. >>> a debate is brewing tonight over a law banning a dish that come think as a delicacy. a state lawmaker joined the protest today. >> reporter: here in chinatown you can find places to eat shark fin soup. next year the dish will be banned that has some in the chinese community crying foul. in sap fran's chinatown you can find -- san francisco's chinatown you can find music, art and activism against a delicacy. >> when we look at it it does not make any sense. >> reporter: at the imperial palas the menu has it for $25 a bowl. they voice their opposition here to assembly bill 376 that bans the sales of shark fins. >> yes, the current law a laws you to have other parts of the shark. that is where the problem comes in. that is where, as you heard, a sense of injustice, a sense of discrimination. >> reporter: members of peta had a protest and talked about the shark fin. >> it is obtained by fishermen pulling the shark up and cut the fins off of the animals and throw them back in the water to slowly die. >> the governor signed the bill last year despite current laws that bans the p
Nov 26, 2012 11:30pm PST
law school. >>> record spending on this cyber monday is expect to bring a surge to california. but ken pritchett tell us the state will likely get a lot less than many people had expected. >> if you need a tiki mug, a tiki statute or anything hawaii, talk to lawrence swansberg. his biggest item -- >> christmas hawaii shirts right now. >> we want folks to know that not out of state retailers who are doing business online are required to collect tax. >> so a camera sold on amazon would incur $60 in tax. if you don't pay sales taxes online then you owe a use tax that you must file on your state taxes which few people do. >> i think they need to do it nationally somehow. i think the country is missing out on a lot of sales tax. a lot of revenue. >> reporter: since september the state has collected less than $20 million from this so called amazon tax. and one board member said that of those who are supposed to be collecting this tax, few are doing so. >>> on you will find a cyber monday tab with information on protecting yourself whenever you shop online including the top 10 intern
Nov 23, 2012 11:30pm PST
the current law allows you to have other parts of the shark. and that's where the problem comes in. that's where as you heard there's a sense of injustice. there's a sense of discrimination. >> reporter: members of peta had a full protest and talked about shark fins. >> oftentimes it's obtained by a fishermen who pull the shark to the dock, cut the fin and throw them back in the water to slowly die. >> reporter: governor brown signed the bill despite current laws that already bans the practice of shark finning. >> a governor, there's no such passage is illegal. >> it's just a traditionallal delicacy. something a lot of people like to see. >> reporter: we met a young chinese americans who both likes the soup and supports the shark. >> it's cruel how the way they treat the shark. just dump them back in the water after they cut the fin. >> reporter: the bill takes effect in january but opponents are trying to stop it. in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. >>> we are wrapping up a very nice friday. still clear skies out there for the most part. temperatures dropping off. currently th
Nov 28, 2012 1:30pm PST
to know that law enforcement is keeping a special watch on you, especially if you're wayne coin, the lead singer of a band called the flaming lips. who hasn't done this? he accidentally went through airport security with a grenade. >> a grenade? >> you heard me, a grenade. >> it was painted gold and it was for looks. >> it was disarmed. >> the bigger story here is not that he brought a grenade to the airport. that might happen. >> accidentally grabbed it. >> the guy who's supposed to dismantle bombs was nowhere to be found. it took him an hour. >> can you imagine that job, though? every day. well, no bombs came through today. >> no bomb guy gets a day off. >> exactly. >> here's a day off for the bomb guy, let us know, the passengers. >> put a sign up. "no bomb guy today. no bombs." >> have you even been patted down lately? >> i never get any action. >> you haven't gotten patted down? >> i even book like extended flights. i get two or three stops on the way thinking surely. i just like to be touched. >> kelly took a video of me getting patted down because she was so jealous that she didn't
Nov 22, 2012 11:30pm PST
police got the warning from other law enforcement agencies and they are looking into the issue but investigators have seen this kind of crime before. they say there's an easy alternative to putting a vacation on your newspaper subscriptions. >> get a neighbor to help. >> we could not reach anyone with the costa times or the bay area news group. the o'brians rely on a neighborhood. >> that way it is in the house and safe. >> despite concerns police say using common sense is your best bet by turning on lights and not leaving garbage cans when you are away. >>> concord police have arrested a suspect car thief after a high-speed chase. officers spotted the man pumping gas in a 1967 mustang that was reported stolen. he led police on a chase that ended when the driver hit another car. 20-year-old nicholson is charged with evading arrest. >>> 8 teenagers are being honored, five saved residents from a fire. the officers went into the burning apartment complex in may to get people out, 19 people displaced but no one was hurt. two martinez officers were honored for safing a heart attack
Nov 27, 2012 11:30pm PST
in law enforcement but he's leaving blind a san jose department in turmoil dealing with pension reform, pay cut, low moral and increase in crime. >> how would you characterize the department? >> dire. although we have people in the academy we continuously lose people to resignation and retirement. >> reporter: fagoni says she regrets having to conduct a new search less than two years later. moore said he would not be retiring if the council voted in august to put an initiative in august to help pay for more resources and officers. >> the issue for me is put it on the ballot. if that tax measure would have been put on the ballot and taxpayers would have decided not to fund it, we all could have lived with that. that's a choice the taxpayers made. but they never had a chance to vote on it. >> reporter: at the first meeting last night several people told city staff they wanted an internal candidate. but moore said no one inside the department is interested on the top job. >> once it was determined no one from inside the organization, for all the same reasons, felt compelled to seek the jo
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7